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Yesterday I have submitted Lightword 1.9 to the WordPress Directory. For those who can’t wait to update, you can download the file right here:


LightWord 1.9.1 is online! download: LightWord 1.9.1 (342.17KB)
added: 17/09/2009
clicks: 4326
description: Version 1.9.1 of LightWord



| Wider option (960px) via theme settings
| IE6 footer bug fix
| Comments Off bug in Opera
| Overflow:hidden bug on justified text
| Two Column categories on non-widegetized sidebar
| Custom CSS in theme settings
| Dropdown menus with one level
| Fixed Safari/Chrome comments moderation bug

Lightword 1.9 BETA – Andrei Webdesign

Hey guys,

you currently see the lightword v1.9 Betaversion running on my webserver. It would be nice if you could surf around a little bit and report bugs to me.

The major change is the ability to select a 960px wide version. Hopefully you will enjoy this new feature.

LightWord WordPress Theme moves to

Hi all,

as i have planned to release additional wordpress themes in the future, i decided to set as my new homepage for free wordpress themes. At the moment, you will just find information about my current theme called LighWord on this website, but be prepared for future releases.

The page is still under construction, so wait and see until everything is up and running

Best regards,