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LightWord 1.8.7

LightWord 1.8.7 is the most recent version of my LightWord Theme


  • Language files updated
  • small bugfixes

As always, you will find the latest version here

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  1. It would be nice if the Theme support the german letters: Ü, Ö, Ä in the titel line.

  2. hi Luca
    I’m getting some problems when changing the Header font.
    The font in the header is not UTF-8 character encoding.

    Would you please show me how to change font to Verdana ?

    Thanks a lot!

    This Lightword theme is one of the best themes!

  3. @Senne @Thai

    This is a Cufon problem, should be solved with Cufon settings from theme panel (Disabled or Extra).

  4. Hi, Andrei:

    Thank you for a wonderful theme. I happily donated to your PayPal account!

    One setup question: I would like different categories to appear in different page templates. I can copy and rename these php files. But how can I get them to pull in different categories? What is the correct line of code to use and where? Thanks for your help.

  5. Hi. What a great theme!

    How do I get to the Cufon settings to change the font colour for the header?

    Many thanks.

  6. Whats cufon? Also, tabindex for leaving a comment (guests) is messed up. Should be updated

  7. Hello Rob,

    here you will find an explanation about what cufon is:

  8. Can you explain where, and how, I would go about blanking out the left side tab on the first post? I’ve stickied that initial post, but the date, and number of comments (actually “off” is showing since I turned them off) is listed, and I’d rather just have a blank tab there.

  9. Open index.php / single.php in a text editor, find this line

    < ?php lw_show_sidebox(); ?>

    replace with

    < ?php if( !is_sticky() ) lw_show_sidebox(); ?>

  10. Hi Andrei, this is a very good theme. I have soon decided to use it when I was looking for a good WP theme for my new Formula 1 website, good work!

  11. Thanks Andrei – Great theme!

    Finally the CommentLuv plugin works! Now just to get my Facebook connect working :-)

    Any tips on that?

  12. Hi. Wonderful theme. Have a problem though. Can’t get the sub menus to work. Tried to find the problem in the functions.php file, but can’t get it to work. Found some “bug fixes” online, but the code does not correspond with the code in the current file (1.8.7).

  13. hi,
    can you tell which files you changed? from 1.8.6 to 1.8.7?
    it would make it much easier to update.

  14. Started up with 1.8.7. Checked out some forums and according to that it is something to do with the wp_list_pages_new() function. Don’t know what though. One forum pointed out (where I was supposed to change the “depth” in order to get the sub menus to work). Can’t find that though. Must be an older version.

    Must add that I’m a complete newbie when it comes to coding. Quick learner though… Help is really really appreciated!

  15. @8bui: Nothing serious, please wait for v1.9
    @David: Submenus are not supported in 1.8.7 – Simple as that.

  16. Ah, Kinda explains it…

  17. Hi,

    I love this theme, but when I apply it to my site I see text that is run through cufon appear (in a normal system font) before it’s replaced with the cufon-generated image. I don’t see this behaviour on the preview site, and am stuck as to what is causing it. It looks much better with cufon-generated text too.. :(

    Any ideas? I’m using very latest Wordpress – I’ve tried with no plug-ins enabled, and I have no widgets enabled either.

  18. Mmm.. oddly, I see this with this very page ( too.. If I refresh the page (in Firefox 3.5, IE8, or Chrome 3.0) it shows the ‘normal’ font, then replaces with the Cufon image after a delay. The more stuff on the page, the longer the delay..

    I saw mention of this kind of problem (along with a screencast showing similar behaviour) on the Cufon support forums at

    Of course, I can run the theme without Cufon, but it just doesn’t look as good..

    Hope this additional information is useful.

  19. Hi Andrei, as I told you before, I really like this theme, but now I would like to cut away the counter of the comments in the headline of the articles. Is it possible? And anyway easy to do? Thank you.

  20. Hi Andrei,

    Really nice theme. I am having problems changing to a custom header though. I am getting a 550 permission denied message when trying to delete or replace the header-image.png. I have ticked the box in the settings to allow a custom header. Any ideas?


  21. How can I get the 1.8.7 code? I want to compare it to my 1.8.7 that I have made updates to.

  22. Gorgeous theme! I was wondering if there is a quick way to get both pages and categories to display in the top navbar.


  23. Hi, marvelous theme. I am having trouble customizing the sidebox. Instead of having the date in the sidebox I want “Day XX” I also want to be able to chose if a post displays the sidebox or not.


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